* Employee retention    * Client appreciation   * Referral pipelines   * Brand awareness   

*  Remote office efficiency   * Increasing sales   * Improving safety     


With offices in multiple states, clients throughout the world, and over 32 years in the industry, Ideal Incentive's experience and ability to measure the success of a client's GOALS and OBJECTIVES is a true differentiator.                                                               



Featured Blogs

  • Case Study: You've Got the Power

    Case Study: You've Got the Power

    A gym wanted to promote their additional personal training services. The client gave the Compact Aluminum Power Bank 4000 mAh away to new clients who booked an initial consultation with a trainer. Sin...

  • Mindfulness and the Workplace

    Mindfulness and the Workplace

    “Mindfulness” has become an increasingly popular buzzword over the past year, with workers suffering from pandemic-related burnout and record high stress levels. But what does it really me...

  • Case Study: Bake in Business

    Case Study: Bake in Business

    Description: Set of 4 Measuring Cups Industry: Hospitality / Tourism What it was purchased for: A casino in the Milwaukee area wanted to spice up a "normal giveaway" with a theme. They had come to t...

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