* Employee retention    * Client appreciation   * Referral pipelines   * Brand awareness   

*  Remote office efficiency   * Increasing sales   * Improving safety     


With offices in multiple states, clients throughout the world, and over 32 years in the industry, Ideal Incentive's experience and ability to measure the success of a client's GOALS and OBJECTIVES is a true differentiator.                                                               



Featured Blogs

  • Case Study: Do the Wave

    Case Study: Do the Wave

    Market: School Objective: A school’s athletic program was struggling to pay for recurring expenses. Game attendance had dropped over the previous year, and alumni attendance was weak. The sc...

  • Case Study: It Takes a Village

    Case Study: It Takes a Village

    Objective: A village needed an easy way to let residents know when there were issues with their water meters. They wanted a faster method of communication than mailing letters, and something more di...

  • Case Study: A Spoon-taneous Promotion

    Case Study: A Spoon-taneous Promotion

    Description: Spoon Mug Industry: Advertising What it was purchased for: A major coupon distributor was looking for a thank you to give out to advertisers. How it was distributed: The spoon mugs w...

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