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 eCommerce Company Stores

Allow your employees and fans to shop for their logo-ed gear directly from an online store that is branded and configured to your exact specifications

We will hand-pick the products together and make sure the logos are perfect, so you can be sure the correct branding is used on the correct product every time.  Then we’ll determine what kind of shopping experience you want your employees to have when they shop in the store from store login, right down to the details of what products they can see and even how they can pay. 



How Can You Use a Company Store?


- Sales & Marketing Support

- Non-Cash Incentive-Based Customer Referral Programs

- Trade Show Give Away Promo Items & Signage 

- Holiday Gifting Programs

- Safety Programs

- Uniform Programs

- Onboarding New Employees 



Ordering is easy!



One centralized location for all your promotional products. No more scouring hundreds of sites and catalogs to find the right product and collecting multiple quotes. Save time during the ordering process by simply allowing your employees to choose their product and options – sizes, colors, personalization, logos, and quantities – from one easy location. 


- Mobile Friendly / Responsive Design

- Unlimited Category & Product Options

- Intuitive Shopping Cart & Checkout 

- Email Confirmation Notifications 


Control your spending!


Manage and control corporate spending with a Company Store. Easily set up permissions to control who can and can’t shop in the store, what products they can see, what logos they can use, and how they pay. With multiple payment options and approval features built in to our stores, you have the flexibility to manage the bottom line with every order placed.


- Store Access & Payment Permissions

- Credit Card Payment Gateways

- Custom & Advanced Payment Methods

- Budgets & Manager Approvals



Brand Management:


You’ve worked hard and invested time and money into building your brand. Ensure the correct product and logo will be used with every order. With our logo management and virtualization technology, you can see how the final product will look. 

- Category & Product Permissions

- Logo Permissions by branch, location, or even department

- Logo Management options offered per product

- Tons of Product Personalization Options




Program Management:


Let the store manage the details of your company’s Promotional Products Program for you! Reporting and store management functionality lets you easily track the bottom line and eliminate erroneous and excessive promotional products ordering. 


- Marketing & Sales Events

- Fundraisers

- Uniform Programs

- Employee Incentive Programs

- Safety Programs

- Employee Recognition 





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