Call it what you will, Incentives are what get people to work harder.

What’s the point?


Organizations that provide non-cash reward/recognition have an average of:

- 9.6% year to year annual corporate revenue increase versus just 3% for all other organizations

- 2.1% year to year increase in revenue per full time sales employee versus a 0.7% decrease for all other firms

- 1.6% year to year increase in team attainment of quota versus a decrease of 2.2% for all other companies

- 34% shorter sales rep time-to-productivity


Sure, everybody loves receiving a gift card or cash bonus, but when it's spent - it's forgotten. Non-cash awards capture an employee’s imagination, motivating them to do more. In turn, this increases performance which boosts the bottom-line. They also found that personal recognition and the use of premiums reduces absenteeism by 29%-52% each quarter.

Studies prove incentive programs can boost performance from 25 to 44 percent, but only if conducted in ways that address all issues related to performance and human motivation. These studies find most organizations lack the knowledge or will to create properly constructed programs that yield desired results.


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We understand the importance of Employee Engagement, and are experts in non-cash Incentive Programs. Whether you're looking to run a temporary Sales Contest, start an incentive-based Health & Wellness Program,  or decrease the turn-over in your company - we've got Solutions for you! 





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