What to put on this page...


  • What is the ladder to success? Clarify/Simplify/Be less suggestive/vague to Client.
  • Reminder that the marketing seminar in AZ told us that the mission statement needs to explain end result that customer is seeking, dont overcomplicate
  • How does it apply to what we do for our Clients? In which way is Ideal a ladder?
  • How do we incorporate language about the ladder (climbing, ascention, holding the ladder, rungs, reaching the top, etc) to make it cohesive without relying on literal imagery? 
  • Do we name each program something clever about climbing?
  • Who do we help? Suggest that these solutions apply to them.
  • How are we different from the competition?
  • Brief bulletpoint of each program - hyperlink to sub-pages under Solutions Tab
  • What metrics/results will be promise?


Sub-Page/Flyout page ideas...

  • Our process : Consultation,General idea generation, product presentation & pricing, 
  • Testimonials
  • General information page (Terms/Conditions/Art requirements
  • Case Studies?
  • Mission Letter/Statement from President Gooch?